Flamborough Connects is here to help the most vulnerable in our community


Do you need help?


In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic

Since then, public health, municipal departments, social service agencies like Flamborough Connects and the community have come together to ensure we are able to support those most in need.

Neighbours are helping neighbours.

Volunteers are stepping up.

Those who can, are donating.


We will get through this together

Many people in Flamborough and surrounding areas cannot afford to prepare, and do not have a support system around them if they contract COVID-19 or need to self-isolate. Those who already face barriers need even more support during this time. As you work to protect your family and those closest to you to keep them healthy, we urge you to think of those who may need the help of their community.

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We are familiar with uncertainty

We’ve been there for each other through floods, ice storms, and blackouts. Everyday, Flamborough Connects works to tackle the tough problems. Through times of uncertainty, we connect with front-line agencies, our municipality and partners to uncover the greatest needs, and organize to achieve the greatest impact. We are united in our efforts to support our community partners and neighbours.


When you give to Flamborough Connects, you will help ensure:


Basic needs

People have access to life’s essentials, such as food.


If you are able, please give.


Community Organization Support

If you are a front-line community group or organization helping with the COVID-19 response in Flamborough or surrounding area and are requiring volunteers or resources, please contact:




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